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Project Child Save Mission...

Our motto is: "No child should ever be left behind."
Our pledge is: "If necessary I will give all my tomorrows for one child's today."

Child pornography is big business, second in revenue only to drug trafficking. Many of the major operations are located in Central and South America. Brazil is considered by some as the satanic capital of the world, heavily involved in child pornography and the selling of children to pedophiles that use them as sexual slaves. These children are constantly drugged, mostly with morphine, and tortured until they are no longer desirable. Then they are sold into prostitution or used in black market "snuff films."

"A blond, blue-eyed child is sold on today's market has, in some cases, reached six figures," says Ty Ritter, Project Child Save's President and founder. "In the greater Los Angeles area, approximately 400 children disappear without a trace each year. The FBI once reported this figure but later denied it, so I investigated county by county to determine the truth of this statistic."

With your help we can stop these predators and save innocent children from senseless abuse, torture, and death.

No child should ever be left behind!

Help us. Please Donate to Project Child Save. No child deserves to be taken from their family and left crying in the night.


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Project Child Save is a Non-Profit Charitable Organization under IRS § 501(C)3 - TAX ID #20-3757832.