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'My Body Is My Own' Introduction...

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Copyright 2006, Ty Ritter.
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Over 200 years of American evolution has left many of our values depreciated, and in some cases totally bankrupt. Much of this depreciation has occurred by indirect means. This is called disparagement (taking away, lessening or lowering in value). Everyone has opinions as to how this has happened. Some say it's the movies and TV, while others lay the blame on modern music. Some will point to greed and fear, or maybe it's the fault of well-meaning politicians. How about all of the above. Even the experts are baffled, or at minimum, can't agree. The particular issues I am referring to are those that allow pedophiles to infiltrate our society to the degree that they can now openly and proudly announce their agenda. Values that will free a man, having only served four years behind bars after having kidnapped, raped, sodomized and with an axe, chopped off the arms of a young girl, leaving her in the desert for dead; Values that turn a blind eye to kidnapped American children being sold into sexual slavery in foreign countries.
Since disparage is the new, seemingly incurable cancer of the day, it is up to you as parents to protect your children. That's where this book, the parents' guide to your children's safety, can help. Unlike a doctor, I cannot cure a cancer, however you can protect yourself and lessen the risk of being attacked by the disease. 'My Body Is My Own' can help you protect and lessen the risk of your child being attacked by something just as terrifying as cancer, a pedophiliac.
I recovered my first kidnapped child over 40 years ago. My wife, Christine, has been my recovery partner since before our marriage in 1981. Christine is an Australian born redhead who served in Vietnam with the USO, entertaining troops. She has also worked behind and in front of movie cameras doing commercials, television and motion pictures. Christine is currently a member of the Screen Actor's Guild. I am a former Marine and have been a bodyguard to presidential candidates, royalty and movie stars throughout most of my career. Together, Christine and I have owned and operated a child kidnap recovery network and anti-terrorist and bodyguard school, which trained and assisted private corporations, including law enforcement, in preparation for the Olympics. I have also assisted state and federal agencies in a private sector capacity, instructing and technical advising. Jointly, Christine and I formed a nonprofit organization called Project Child Save, a children's kidnap recovery network, specializing in the recovery of children who have been kidnapped from the United States and sold into sexual slavery in foreign countries.
Normally we do not get involved in parental kidnappings unless absolute proof of child sexual abuse has occurred, and court documents verifying child custody rights are produced to our satisfaction and to our attorney's satisfaction.
Most of the work done in behalf of kidnapped children over the years by 'SOS' has been a well-guarded secret, for security and safety reasons. The kidnap and sale of children has become very big business in some countries, in particular, countries in South America. When I first became involved in recoveries, a blond haired, blue-eyed girl sold for approximately $15,000 to $20,000. The sale price today has reached $100,000. Due to our success and the devastation we have left behind while recovering children, we have made many enemies. We have had to relocate many times due to threats against my family. In 1977, I was the victim of an assassination attempt, shot and wounded by a sniper while walking my dog. There are those in South America and a few other places that would like to see us dead for our efforts regarding kidnapped children.
Since Christine and I have been involved in the safety and well being of children, and have experienced the devastation to the victims and parents alike, I have been asked for years to write this book. I believe 'My Body Is My Own' to be of special interest and invaluable to parents due to the fact that I have worked side by side with police departments and governmental agencies attempting to locate and recover missing children. Hence, I know their strong points and their shortcomings, and I am not going to hold anything back. 

No child should ever be left behind!

Help us. Please Donate to Project Child Save. No child deserves to be taken from their family and left crying in the night.


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