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'My Body Is My Own' Contents...

Book Introduction  

About Book
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Copyright 2006, Ty Ritter.
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Chapter One
Predators profile - How many are there? - Who is a pedophile? - What makes them tick? - What is their MO? - It only takes a second - Who is their target? - It's your job - Organizations - Twisted folks - Beyond freedom of speech - Infiltration - Good police work - I know where they are - Who are the bad guys? - How do they get caught? - Kids do it best - Have you got the message yet? Case history - Remorse - Constitutional shortcomings - Medical cure
Chapter Two
Child sexual abuse - Definition of child abuse - State responsibilities - Recognizing child abuse - Tell-tale signs - Listening to your children - Communicating with your children - Boys too? - Common behavior - Foreign cultures - It's natural - Detecting sexual abuse - Be alert - Selfish mothers - Physical indicators of child sexual abuse - Behavioral indicators of child sexual abuse - It's unnatural - What to do if your child is sexually molested - Stop everything - Video tape - Who's the suspect here? - Do the right thing - Early childhood education - Is your kid special? - Your child's best tool - Being proactive, not reactive - Caring for abused children - Unusual defense - Build something together - Appropriate intimacies - Minimizing the risk in child care programs - Child care employment process - Show up unannounced - Witnessing child abuse outside your family - One isn't enough - Most frequently asked questions
Chapter Three
Kidnap prevention - What parents can do - Close to home - Who's a loner? - Spare the child, spoil the family - Get them back quick - Accepting aberrant sexual misconduct - Poor choices - Economic boundaries - Windows of opportunity - A little paranoid - Kids keeping themselves safe - Safety rules to live by - Don't go down without a fight - How attentive are you? - Child ID card (sample) - Important numbers - A man on fire - Case history - Home emergency center - Talking to your children without scaring them - Let's talk sex - Forced affection - Talking phone sense - Kid quiz - Teach your children - Go figure - Your winning ways, stop it - Just two things - Keep listening to your children - Full circle - Mothers are a dichotomy - What kids can do - What kids should know - Memory lane - As simple as 1...2...3 
Chapter Four
Parental abduction - Parental abduction prevention - Your custody order - On hand information - It's not just about you - What to do if your child is abducted by an ex-spouse - Vital statistics - Qualified professional group - Interpol
Chapter Five
Kidnapped - What to do if your child is missing or kidnapped - Look before you jump - NCIC - A helping hand (Advocacy groups) - A job well done? - The check list - Private assistance - Medical evaluation after recovery - Physical examination - Case histories - The tainted ones - Hurting without helping
Chapter Six
Apartment living (Safely) - Considerations - Once you've moved in - Cheap security - Shopping mall (Safety) - Do's and don'ts - What's going on at your local nudist colonies? - Case histories - Every minute of every day - What's the difference between moms and dads - Am I an alarmist? - Poor parenting - Never and always - Notify and demand - Parks and playground (Safety) - Predators on the prowl - Safety tips - Sleep over (Safety) - No worries - Case histories - Camping and campground (Safety) - Case history - Before choosing a campground or camp site - Vacation and travel (Safety) - State Department Citizens Emergency Center - At greater risk - Blonde hair and blue eyes - Travel tips
Chapter Seven
Pedophiles on the Internet - How is it done? - Who are they harming? - A studied opinion - What's being done about it? - Case history - Parenting the internet - Shielding children from the Internet - The 10 commandments regarding child Internet use - Child molester ID line - Added for your protection - Where are they now and how many are there?
Chapter Eight
National registration of child molesters - Consider this war - Case history - Who's required to register - '989 Registration Act' including offences - Failure to register - Public notification 'Megan's Law' - Government protection for child rapist and butchers - Sex offenders in your community (Examples) - Warning - Organized sex rings - Federal resources - Letter of the law verses spirit of the law - Law enforcement training - Prosecutor's training - Treatment of pedophiles - Let's make a comparison - Debilitating effects of victimization - You don't have to be a rocket scientist - Castration - Centers and treatment programs for pedophiles - Treatment centers, help or safe havens - Revisiting history - Repulsive solution? - Uphill battles - Enacting new laws - Appeal after appeal after appeal - Their words not mine - Modern and morally humane - Crime and punishment - Unfair Shake-down Act or 'USA'
Chapter Nine
Statistics - What is the purpose of statistics? The truth behind statistics - Disregarded statistics - Law enforcement statistics - City, County and State statistics - The 'Big Picture' - Say buddy, can you spare a buck? - National and international statistics - If it smells good and looks good - Alternative lifestyles - Sticking pretty labels on ugly things - Statistics you can believe - Because it felt good
Chapter Ten
Advocacy groups - Who are they? - Man's desire for battle - What do they do? - Are advocacy groups successful? Bankable facts - Do advocacy groups work with Law Enforcement? - What do they cost? - Don't be a schmuck - Where can advocacy groups be found? - List of advocacy groups - How can I get involved?
Chapter Eleven
Pending Legislation - E-mail government contacts - Responsible parents and your government - Children's entitlement to privacy - Today's heroes - School system experiments - What you can get your church to do - What you can get your schools to do - What you can get special clubs and groups to do - What you can do at City, County, State and National level - How to write effective letters to politicians including the President - Tips on addressing the letters - Letters to newspapers and other publications - Directions and solutions - Child Molesters ID Line - Sex Offenders Net - Answers and solutions
Appendix A
Immediate and future goals - Start today - What to do if you've been falsely accused of child sexual molestation
Appendix B
Emergency assistance

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