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About the Book...

Book Introduction

Book Contents
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Copyright 2006, Ty Ritter.
All Rights Reserved.
(All proceeds go to Project Child Save)
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The information and facts presented in this book are based, in large part, on the actual experiences of my wife, Christine, myself and members of our recovery teams. The 'Facts' are going to scare the hell out of you, but at the same time, give you the strength that only knowledge can bring.

Between the covers of this book, I have given parents the vital information needed in today's society to protect their children from the atrocities forced every day on someone's child. You will find the pages within this book steeped in solid, accurate and complete information. I am supplying you with the knowledge and guidance needed regarding the two most important subjects to parents today: child kidnap prevention and child sexual abuse prevention. Included is verified information from victims, and others involved. You will discover within these pages a correlation of professional advice and a great deal of old fashioned common sense, offered by myself and other child safety experts.

There are existing pamphlets, brochures, booklets and some books covering only one or another of these subjects. This partially is the reason I have a driving desire to introduce parents to the one complete parental guidebook to turn to for all the answers.

My objective is not to be politically correct, nor do I intend to be sensitive toward politicians or police agencies. Neither will I dance around, soft shoe, sugar coat or give you any false sense of security. This book has been written in a degree of anger, which, as you read on, you will not only understand but you yourself will also become angered. My objective is to put before you the most accurate information and tools available.

After having read this book you will know how to protect your child from predators. You'll also know what to do if something does happen, what to expect from governmental agencies, and who you can turn to. You're going to learn the facts, and how tragic the facts really are. Although, most important, you're going to learn what you as individual parents can do to help yourselves.

There will be those who read 'My Body Is My Own' and act on it, and there will be those who read, yet take no action. I file them away under future statistics, or is it victims?


No child should ever be left behind!

Help us. Please Donate to Project Child Save. No child deserves to be taken from their family and left crying in the night.


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